Greco Law Firm, PC has convenient locations throughout New York and New Jersey. Our firm is dedicated to offering value added, lifetime estate & elder law planning services as well as comprehensive probate and estate tax services. Lifetime & estate planning services offered include Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, and Trust Planning. Elder law services include assisting older adults with Qualification for Medicaid, Medical Assistance & other benefit programs, as well as guidance with Assisted Living and Nursing Home Placement and Planning. Greco Law Firm, PC recognizes that taking steps to secure you and your loved ones future, well-being, and security can be a challenging and overwhelming process. Understandably, these challenges and the perception that legal planning is expensive may cause many individuals to postpone the initiation of effective lifetime and estate planning, which can often lead to unfortunate results. We are all bombarded on a constant basis by various media sources (newspaper, periodicals, “infomercials” and targeted mailings) that set forth information and recommendations on estate planning that are largely inappropriate in fulfilling individual needs and achieving personal goals. Greco Law Firm, PC is pleased to offer cost effective services designed to assist you in achieving financial security and peace of mind in this time of uncertainty.